Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This Week

Hello everybody this week has been great it started off good with a minimum day of school and on Tuesday the sophomore's had the exit exam so i got to school at 8:00 and got to hang out with Mr.Barber. Also after school on Tuesday after school i went to the mall with Tara,the girl I'm going to twirp with, Caitlin, Max, and Rachel it was a lot of fun. me ant Tara got a cool shirt to wear to the dance. Today was also good i got to hang out with Mr.Barber and i got to have an awesome math period.

Bye, Bye

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


hello everybody i turned a new leaf today i have started to go to my school's gym after school, today what me and my friend max did is first we ran a mile i got 7:41 i was kind of bummed because i usually get around 7:00, but i guess i will improve

Monday, January 4, 2010

Fond Memories

hello all my loyal and wonderful readers today was great this morning i felt great because i got to show off me new clothes at school and i get to show off more of my clothes Tuesday and Wednesday. i was looking real good today. after school i went to my grandpas house and helped him take down Christmas lights. and now i am home and thinking about all of the fun times i have in Utah. the fondest memory i have is just sitting on the couch with everyone and just talking another fun thing we did was playing volleyball i am great at it. i sure will miss scarlet, Rosie, Cathy, Dustin, Katie, Amy, Al, Heidie, Dave, Joe, Mike, and everyone else i forgot to put down.


Saturday, January 2, 2010



this is my beautiful and amazing little cousin scarlet. She is two years old but she has the mind of an old lady. She can always make you smile with just a few words. her mother Heidi and her father David love her so much and have taught her to always do the right thing. Her younger sister Rosie is a sweetheart to she is five and a half months old she loves it when you throw her in the air and pretend to eat her she is great.

Bye, Bye

the day i became a man

hello again my loyal followers this week has been full of fun and exciting things this is us at David st. Julien's mothers church. We played volleyball for three hours straight it was me, Katie, David, and Mikie VS. Dustin, Amy, Heidi, Mark. in the end it was my serve that saved the day and won it for my team. after we won we went home and played a game called scum i was the king once. today we went iceskating it was so hard it made my ankles hurt.

Bye, Bye

Saturday, December 12, 2009


hey people today was great me and my father went Christmas shopping all day, i got some awesome stuff. I got a pair of brown pants and a new pair of shoes. I'm excited to show them off at school and to my cousins in Utah. I cant stop thinking about how much fun it is going to be in Utah. we always have so much fun over there we play ultimate frizby, racket ball, football, soccer, and go to the nickel arcade. yesterday we ordered a picture off the internet of me playing football at mesa im excited to get that it should come some time after Christmas.we are going to get one each year to see how i have progressed over the years.

Bye, Bye